There is a question that when I apply to the system to make money Rich 999, what product do you get?

Book with income according to the plan, members are also entitled to use other types of services more than 40 systems.

1. More than 30 different types of service websites

2. More than 10 different types of applications

3. More than 10 types of online games

Rich 999 is a technology expert. Nets company to become an IT company in Thailand and the Asian region by developing different types of platforms. All our platforms Are all brands of Rich 999 For members of the system to generate income Rich 999 to use

And within this year we will have to expand the service system All of us To neighboring countries Asian countries And will expand all over the world

All our service systems Will be completed within March 2020 and within this month There will be a system called Rich App, Rich App, the work will be the same with the Line app, Rich App will be an app that Rich 999. Developed to allow members of the system to chat, call, video call, create groups, etc.